get started with th net learning academy course nowYou already know the importance of selling your customers on your product.

So why not sell your affiliates on why they should promote for you?

If you place as much effort on your JV/affiliate page as you do your sales page, you will find it far easier to recruit affiliates who actually do real promoting for you.

Things to include on your affiliate page:

*An attention grabbing headline

*A short video highlighting the details of your product and campaign

*The benefits to the affiliate for promoting

*The benefits the affiliate’s customers receive for buying the product

*A call to join your JV list

*Testimonials from current affiliates

*The timetable if you are doing a launch

*And did we mention benefits to the affiliate for promoting?

This includes things like commission rate, rate of conversion, if their leads are hard coded, if you have swipe files and freebies they can give to their list, contest info, etc.

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