costIn the track “I Can’t Get Behind That,” William Shatner “sings” about, among other things, annoying infomercials that make unrealistic promises.

“Make millions in minutes… lose inches in hours

Of course we’re all too smart to be taken in by such transparently silly marketing. And yet…

We still feel exasperated and get down on ourselves when our online business has a bad month, or is even still struggling to get off the ground.

We know, intellectually, that these things take time, but it’s hard to be patient when you’re putting in so much time and effort.

Maybe you’re not even at that point yet. But you’re still unsure of where to even start.

Either way, what’s a realistic target for getting your business up and running and generating a reasonable income?

I’m not afraid to say it, but are you brave enough to hear it?

To get your business up and running and earn your first sale: 90 DAYS

To get your business consistently earning a reasonable income: 12 MONTHS

If you’re an absolute beginner, that’s the minimum time you should expect, as long as you’re smart and a hard worker.

But if you’ve already been trying to get your online business running for more than 90 days, or even 12 months, without success, you need to take a step back and ask yourself if you’re on the wrong track.

It could be a lack of knowledge or experience but, either way, while online success doesn’t happen overnight, it shouldn’t be taking you years or decades.

The reason I’m so confident in the time frames I’ve stated above is because these are the precise time periods it takes to complete the Net Learning Academy syllabus.

wise-owlThe Net Learning Academy provides its students with a new lesson every week that includes a step-by-step series of instructions for setting up an online business.

* After only a few weeks, if the steps have been followed carefully, your business will be up and running.

* After 90 days there is a reasonable expectation that the first sale will have been made.

* After 48 weeks you’ll have a number of solid, marketing funnels in place which continually drive new leads to your business.

Sometimes the difference between a failing entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur is a little bit of sound knowledge and training.

So, whether you’re a complete beginner, an experienced online business owner who is struggling to get the results you know you deserve, or anything in between…

Net Learning Academy will set you on a tried, tested and REALISTIC path to online success.

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