Before you can jump in and start creating articles, you need to know the purpose of your article. That is, how does the article fit into your overall marketing strategy?

Let’s go over five of the most common article marketing strategies:

  1.  Using articles to drive traffic to a squeeze page. Here you use articles to help you build your list. Once you have people on your list, then you can use an autoresponder series of messages to build a relationship and sell various products and services to them.

The best way to drive traffic to your squeeze page is to create a byline at the end of your article. This byline isn’t an author’s biography, but rather a short ad that offers a freebie if the reader clicks through. For best results, choose a freebie that’s highly related to the article that the reader just finished reading.

Example #1: If the article is about organic pest control, then you can offer a free report on your squeeze page that teaches people how to make herbal sprays to get rid of pests.

Example #2: If your article is about housetraining a puppy, then the freebie might be a report or video that expands on the housetraining strategy outlined in the article.


  1. Using articles to drive traffic to a blog. Instead of using your articles to build your list, you can use the articles to send targeted traffic to your blog.

 The best way to do this is to create a two-part article. You place Part 1 of the article in article directories, on social networking sites and other third-party sites. Your byline should encourage people to click through to your blog, where they’ll find Part 2 of the article they just finished reading.

Tip: Build curiosity and/or anticipation for Part 2 at the end of Part 1. For example, your article may list a six-step process, with three steps in Part 1 and three steps in Part 2. You can reminder your reader that if he just reads Part 1 of the article, he won’t have all the information.

You may also list a benefit to help build anticipation and curiosity. For example: “In Part 2 you’ll discover the single tip that brought $24,629 into my Paypal account in just 48 hours!”


  1. Using articles to drive traffic to a sales page via your byline. Here you write an article that’s highly related to the product you’re trying to sell. Then you use your byline to encourage people to click through to the sales page.


Example: If you’re selling a book on housetraining, then your article might be an overview of how to housetrain a puppy.


  1. Using articles to pre-sell articles from within the actual article. Instead of selling or pre-selling from within the byline, in some cases you might include product links within the actual article.


Example: Let’s suppose you’re writing an article about how to housetrain a puppy. When you get to the part about dealing with and cleaning up accidents, you include a link for an enzymatic spray that helps eliminate odors.


  1. Using articles to build backlinks. Finally, some people use articles just to build one-way, incoming backlinks to their site. They still write a good article and byline just in case a human reader sees it, but mainly they’re interested in the search engine optimization benefits of getting a link pointing to their site.


So, which method is right for you? At some point you’ll probably use all of them as part of your overall marketing strategy. And that’s why this 31-day guide shows you how to write articles suitable for all of these purposes.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll discover how to choose products to promote from within article. Stay tuned!

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