Last time you learned how to choose an in-demand product first, since it’s easier to sell a product that your market is already buying (as opposed to writing an article and then trying to figure out what to recommend from within the article).

However, the alternative is to use your article to promote a freebie or drive traffic to some other non-product page.

For example, you can use an article to promote:


  •  Your blog. As mentioned before, you can entice people to click on your link by giving them “Part 2” of the article on your blog.
  •  Your squeeze page, where you offer a free report, video, audio, software, tool or other resource in exchange for an email address. Your article and freebie should be highly related. So an article on setting up a WordPress blog might promote your free WordPress themes and plugins.
  • A physical freebie, where you request a mailing address so that you can send prospects something in the mail, such as a DVD. For example, your article on grooming a show dog might encourage people to request your free DVD, which shows people exactly how to shampoo, clip, trim and groom a dog.
  • A downloadable freebie with no subscription required (i.e., direct download). Same as the other freebies mentioned above, except that the prospect doesn’t have to give you their contact details.
  • A page on a third-party site, such as a Squidoo lens, HubPages hub or a video on YouTube. If you’re setting up a network of highly related pages, you may link your articles to your off-site niche pages occasionally.
  • Access to a free teleseminar or webinar. As usual, the article should be highly related to the freebie. So if your article is about affiliate marketing, then your free teleseminar might be about how to build a list and sell affiliate products through the list.
  • Your affiliate program. You can also use articles to help you attract affiliates and joint venture partners. For example, you can write an affiliate-marketing article about how to choose high-converting affiliate products to promote, and then mention your affiliate program

Between today’s lesson and yesterday’s lesson, you’ve learned how to choose and promote both paid and free offers.


Over the next few days you’re going to learn how to outline, research and write an engaging article. After that, you’ll learn how to write very specific articles for all the specific purposes we’ve talked about.


In short: Hang on to your hat, because we’re just getting started!



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