You’ve already found out that if you’re promoting a particular product, page or offer, your article should be highly related to that product, page or offer. That’s because if the person is interested in your article, they’ll be interested in reading more on the topic.

But what if you’re not promoting a particular page?

Example: What if you’re goal is to get backlinks? Or what happens when you run out article ideas to help you promote a particular offer, product or page?

No worries.

In this lesson you’ll find out how to come up with a nearly infinite number of article ideas any time you want.

Here’s how…

  • Find out what your market wants to read about. One of the best ways to do this is to find out what type of information they’re buying. If they’re willing to buy it, then they’ll be happy to read about it for free.


Tip: Go to the and marketplaces, enter in your broad niche keywords (like “rose gardening”) and take note of the products at the top of the search results – those are your best sellers.


Then look at the sales pages or the table of contents of these products to get ideas for specific articles. You can get at least one article idea (usually more) for every sales page bullet point or for every chapter listed in the table of contents.


  • Use keyword tools. Enter your broad keywords (like “dog training”) into a keyword tool like Google’s Keyword tool. Then look for keywords like articles, tips, how to, etc.


Example: “miniature pinscher housetraining tips.” These words will let you know what kind of information your market is actively searching for in the search engines.


  • Browse niche forums and blogs. You can find these sites by entering your broad keywords in Google alongside search terms like forum, discussion, board, and blog. For example, “dog training forum.”

Next, browse these venues looking for “hot” topics. On forums, these are topics that get a lot of views and discussions. These are also topics that tend to come up repeatedly. On blogs, these are topics that garner lots of discussion (and even discussion across multiple blogs).

Either way, viewing forums and blogs to see what’s being discussed should give you dozens of article ideas. You can even take a major topic you see on a forum (such as “how do I make $1000 a month online?”) and break it into a series of articles, perhaps sharing one major method per article.


  • Check out article directories. Another way to find hot topics is to see what’s popular in the article directories. For example, if you read any article in any category on com, you’ll see a link to the “most viewed” articles in that category.


  • Finally, you can survey your market and ask them what information, secrets and solutions they’d like to read more about. If you don’t already have a subscriber list or regular blog readers, then go on niche forums to ask what types of information your readers want.


Five simple tips. But if you use them all, you’ll NEVER run out of article ideas and you’ll never have to guess what your market wants to read.


Once you select a topic, your next step is to start researching your article. You’ll discover how to do that in the next lesson!

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