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There are so many courses out there on how to make money online, I thought it might be time for a quick refresher on just how simple information marketing on the Internet can be.

Instead of pages and pages to show you this business model, I can do it in four steps.

The Information Business Model
1. Identify a Hungry Market
2. Provide Value and Build Relationships
3. Develop and Present a Solution
4. Present More (and more expensive) Solutions

Yes, it really is this simple.

So why should you consider following this particular business model? Four reasons:

1. It costs you very little to get started (Website, hosting, autoresponder.)
2. There is massive (MASSIVE) potential (Unlimited, really)
3. There are huge, long-term leverage opportunities (For example, you record a video to sell, give away the audio to list build, transcribe the content to make an article, etc. One action can provide many opportunities.)
4. You can earn passive income (Take a day off, a week off, and you can still be earning money while you’re not working.)

There are 2 ways to approach information marketing – either an expert or as a publisher

Expert Model:

1. You are the expert
2. You create the content and you do the marketing of that content
3. You can outsource some of your work, but you are the expert

Publisher Model:

1. You partner with an expert
2. The expert creates the content, often with your help (for example, interviewing them)
3. You do the marketing (you can outsource some of the marketing chores)
4. You split the profits in prearranged percentages (50/50 is common)

Note about the Publisher Model: Even if you don’t possess special information people are willing to pay for, you can still build an information business.

It’s important to note that most experts know nothing about marketing and how to leverage their information into a real business.

Many experts are in need of additional income. In fact it’s often said that most authors are broke. And when approached correctly, they will be more than happy to work with you to get their information out there and to increase their own incomes.

Now get to work. 🙂

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