As nice (and as necessary) as good audio-visual techniques are for a modern web page, they still cost money to produce and to implement. So you’ll want to save yourself as much money and time as possible by planning out your site well in advance of doing any filming, recording, or page coding. With careful planning, you can not only avoid unnecessary costs and reduce the overall time from design to implementation, but you’ll have a much stronger page and a much higher conversion rate as a result.

Design Before You Budget

Yes, audio-visual solutions cost money. But don’t let that cost scare you away from designing the page of your dreams—at least not at first. When you’re doing any kind of creative project—and you’d better believe that designing a web page is a creative project—there’s nothing worse than dealing with an internal censor over your shoulder, telling you what to spend and what’s going to cost a lot of money. If you start restricting your ideas to what you can afford before you even really start generating your sales concepts, you’re going to lose some of your most promising and creative ideas before you get started.

Suppose you’ve developed a new wireless protocol that allows easier interconnection between international networks, and you decide to promote that protocol with a grand concept Flash presentation showing people all over the world watching the same viral video. No, whispers your internal censor: think of the cost of filming people all over the world, all the different locations you’d need to film, the nightmare of editing everything down to something that’s easy to stream without boring customers or costing thousands in bandwidth alone. No, don’t even think about that concept any more.

But it’s always easy to scale down an existing concept without losing the essence of the concept. Maybe you don’t need to film people all over the world–maybe you could just show your product’s logo, with the names of different countries flashing behind it in time with a simple public domain song. It’s the same basic concept, really, but much more economical.

If you hadn’t had the more expensive idea first, you wouldn’t have ever gotten to the more streamlined, economical, and interesting concept that you actually can afford. Instead, you might have gone with a talking-head speech or simply a picture of the product logo–both very cheap, but not nearly as exciting or distinctive.

So relax and don’t be afraid to spend money–on paper, at least. Remember: you can always find a way to communicate a concept for less money, whereas no amount of spending can make a bad concept interesting.

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