youngboyDo you think all the great domains are already taken?

Think again – do some searching and you’ll be astounded by the possibilities still available. Here are several tips for getting great domain names:

1. Use repeating sounds. For example, TerrificTeachingTips, EasyBreezyPeasy, Coca-Cola, etc.

2. Base your keyword on your major benefit or promise to the website visitor. For example, if you cater to artists, you might use something like: MakeYourArtSell or 30DaysToMasterfulPainting.

3. Take your keyword or keyword phrase and add something to the end, such as…

* now
* today
* secrets
* results
* strategies
* formula
* system
* fast
* quickly

Examples: BuildYourEmailListQuickly, EasyWeightLossStrategies, LookTenYearsYoungerNow

Add something to the middle of your keyword phrases, such as
* of your
* to
* for
* of the

Examples: SellMoreOfYourProducts, GardeningForBeginners

Or add something to the beginning of your keyword or keyword phrases, such as
* get
* you
* your
* the
* how to
* discover
* learn
* real

Examples: DiscoverBestSuccessTips, HowToRaiseDucks, RealResultsRealFast.

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