check out the video marketing files home study courseYou work hard to get traffic to your squeeze page, and what happens?

Half of them leave without giving you their email address.

Why not take a second stab at grabbing those people?

Use a pop-up box that appears when they try to click away, saying something like, “Wait, we have a video for you.” If they click to stay on the page, you show them a video that (hopefully) convinces some of them to opt-in.

Why this works: For whatever reason, your opt-in page did not persuade them to join your list. But your video offers them new information, and based on that new information people can make a new decision.

What if you already have a video on your opt-in page?

Then you might offer a second video that reveals a secret. For example, “Wait do you want to know how to DOUBLE your conversions with one small tweak?”

You’ve got nothing to lose by utilizing this technique, and more subscribers to gain.

Great Idea for Squeeze Page Videos

Todd Gross adds short videos to his squeeze page that show him talking into the camera, saying things as simple as,

“This is going to help your online business immeasurably but we need to know where to send it.”

“The ebook is completely free – the only thing we need to know from you is where to send it.”

Notice the key phrase,
“We need to know where to send it.”

And you could also use,
“Tell us where to send it.”

These simple phrases can increase your conversions because they get past the thinking brain and go straight into the subconscious.

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