We spent a few days talking about how to distribute your articles to the top article directories. In some cases, webmasters, bloggers and newsletter publishers may find your articles in these directories and publish them.

However, most of the traffic you receive from these articles will be from your search engine optimization efforts.

In other words, don’t count on publishers finding your articles and reprinting them.

If you want this sort of wide distribution, you need to find content publishers and specifically ask them to reprint your article.

Here’s how to get your articles published by others:

Step #1: Find Content Publishers

The first thing you need to do is to find other bloggers and newsletter publishers in your niche.

If you’ve done your regular market research, then you probably already have a fairly good idea of the best newsletters and blogs in your niche. You can start off your list of potential publishers by including these top marketers.

Next, generally you’ll find that MOST marketers who sell products tend to have a blog, a newsletter or both.

Indeed, just going to the ClickBank.com marketplace and browsing product categories in your niche will uncover the best selling products in your niche. Just click through to the product sales page to check if the marketer has a newsletter and/or blog. If so, add him to your list.

To find those blogs or newsletters you don’t yet know about, go to Google and enter your niche keywords (like “weight loss”) alongside search terms such as blog, newsletter and ezine.

Finally, you can search popular ezine directories (like www.ezine-dir.com ) and blog directories (like www.blogcatalog.com) in your niche.

Step #2: Ask Them to Reprint Your Article

Once you’ve completed Step 1, you should have several dozen content publishers on your list. Your next step is to approach them to inquire about reprinting your article. But before you do that, you need to get on their newsletter list and read their blog so that you understand what sort of content they print.

You’re going to find two types of content publishers:

  1. Those who regularly publish other peoples’ content. When you encounter these publishers, all you have to do is submit your article for consideration. Be sure to submit an article that’s matches the style and topics of articles previously published.
  1. Those who usually only publish their own content. Now, since these folks don’t solicit content from other people, just submitting your article for consideration won’t work. Instead, what you need to do is propose a JV (joint venture). In essence, you propose “swapping” articles – basically, you become guest authors on each others’ blog or newsletter.

Here’s a sample email template you can use:


Subject: I’d like to feature you on my blog, [FirstName]…

Dear [FirstName].

[Your name] here from [your website]. Because you’re the premiere [niche topic] expert in this niche, I’m asking if you’d be willing to guest author an article on my blog. Naturally, you’ll get a backlink of your choice and publicity from the byline you include.

In return, I’d ask that you consider hosting me as a guest author on your blog. I’ve created an article that’s a response to your [date] blog post where you talked about [enter topic]. I think your readers will enjoy the article – you can see it here [link].

Please hit reply now or call me at [phone number] to discuss this proposal further. I look forward to hearing from you!

[your name]

P.S. My blog gets [number] unique visitors per day and has [number] of RSS subscribers, so I can guarantee you plenty of exposure.——————————


Step #3: Encourage Others to Reprint Your Content

Finally, one last tip – whenever you post one of your articles on the ‘Net, whether on your own blog or on a third-party site, always encourage others to copy and paste the entire article – including your byline – and reprint it on their site.

Now let me leave you with this bit of motivation…

Just think: If you write just one article per day, in another month you’ll have about 30 articles working hard for you.

If you write just three or four articles per day, at the end of a month you’ll have 100 articles or more!

Just imagine how much traffic and sales those articles will bring you…

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